Welcome to Upper Broughton Neighbourhood  Plan site & Documentation.

A Neighbourhood Plan sets local planning policies which say how future development should be considered. When approved, it will be used by Rushcliffe Borough Council to help decide future planning applications. It is prepared by and for you, the people and businesses of the parish.

What is Neighbourhood Planning? The official line…

Where are we up to in the process?

November 2019: The process for the UB Neighbourhood Plan reaches another milestone on Tuesday, 12th November. At the Rushcliffe Borough Council Cabinet meeting, agenda item #6 is to discuss the recommendation that Cabinet.

a). Accepts all of the Examiner’s recommended modifications to the Upper Broughton Neighbourhood Plan;

b). Approves the Upper Broughton Neighbourhood Plan Decision Statement and its publication;

c). Approves the holding of a referendum for the Upper Borough Neighbourhood Plan.

October 2019: The latest update on the UBNP is that the independent examiner has read, appraised and agreed that we do have a workable plan. With some amendments it can be approved. Currently the UBPC and the Steering Group are examining the changes which will be required. Once approved the plan can go to referendum.

September 2019: The latest news on the journey of the plan through the planning bureaucracy is that the government- appointed independent examiner of the Plan version that was prepared in March 2019 (https://ubneighbourhoodplanning.files.wordpress.com/2019/02/submission-version.pdf) has now completed his assessment, read more below…

July 2019: We are currently at stage 3. Rushcliffe Borough Council are poised to appoint an external examiner, and have approval from the parish council – the Qualifying Body – to do so. Once an examiner is lined up, the process can continue.

On 22 January 2019, Upper Broughton Parish Council approved the submission version of the Neighbourhood Plan. The Neighbourhood Plan and supporting documents have been submitted to Rushcliffe Borough Council and can be accessed via the link here.

September 2019

The government- appointed independent examiner of the Plan version that was prepared in March 2019 has now completed his assesment.
The report – against which there is no appeal – is being cross checked for any minor factual errors, and is expected to be published by mid-October 2019.
The indications are apparently that the examiner will recommend some changes to some of the policies, but will approve the general thrust and approach of what was submitted.
If so this would mean that the Plan will not need to be rewritten (phew), and that it is not unreasonable to hope that a referendum on a final authorised version could be held maybe before the end of the year.

What happens next? (As of August 2019)

  1. The consultation period on the Neighbourhood Plan (NP) that was submitted to Rushcliffe Borough Council (RBC) in March is now closed.
  2. RBC are collating all the representations made to, and by them, about the plan.
  3. These representations are put together with the NP we submitted, and will be sent to an external examiner appointed by RBC.
  4. The examiner looks at all the information.
  5. The examiner will probably ask some questions of us, directed through Colin Wilkinson (CW). The hope is that the questions are detail rather than disruptive.
  6. CW will answer the questions from the examiner directly, with a default approval by the Steering Group (SG), ie the SG gets a copy of the question+answer, and unless the SG want to change what CW has said, within a short time, then the answer stands. This ensures fast turnaround from us.
  7. The examiner then makes the recommendation about what needs to be done to the NP prior to a referendum. The hope is that major changes are not required.
  8. At this stage facts can be challenged, and/or wording clarified, but the recommendations made by the examiner are final – challenge is not allowed.
  9. The SG then makes the changes to the NP as required by the examiner and submits this updated version to RBC as a Referendum Plan.

The Examiner will either recommend that:

i. The Plan is submitted to a referendum;      
ii. is modified to meet the ‘Basic Conditions’ and then submitted to a referendum; or
iii. the Plan is refused.

If the Examiner is satisfied, Rushcliffe Borough Council will arrange a referendum. If the Plan is approved by a simple majority of those voting in the referendum, the Borough Council will adopt it.’

  • Our Vision

    The Plan seeks to ensure that future development makes Upper Broughton a stronger more vibrant community, with enhanced environmental impact and better provision for economic activities, whilst maintaining the “special feel” of a characterful, small semi-rural village. This means:

    • Important open spaces and views are protected

    • Local services and facilities are retained

    • Heritage is conserved

    • The character and beauty of the countryside is safeguarded

    • Housing development reflects local needs

    • The parish is home to a range of small-scale businesses


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